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Andrew Hunkins

Andrew Hunkins

I founded Unimax Systems Corporation out of my dorm room at the University of Minnesota.  Unimax develops enterprise software to manage large phone systems used by big corporations.  Aside from building the company, my expertise has always centered on software productivity tools and software enabled communications.

In 2007, I transitioned out of the company but remain on the board.  I took a year off to decide what I’d like to do next.  I met some really great people during that period and started playing around with a lot of different things.

One of my activities has emerged as a strong candidate for a successful business:  BusyKeeper.  BusyKeeper is a personal productivity tool for individuals.  This blog is focused around my passion for BusyKeeper and personal productivity tools in general.

To satisfy my need to push the envelope on the latest unified communications technology, I looked around to see who was deploying real solutions.  I found the Microsoft Practice group at CDW and was impressed by the talent of the people and the work they do with unified communications.  So I joined CDW in 2008 in Strategic Sales as part of the Microsoft Solutions Practice.  I’m now involved with the latest unified communications technology at some of the largest deployments in the world.  And since CDW is an $9B IT products and services company, it’s a fantastic place to discover new personal productivity solutions for real people working in real world situations.

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For those of you not familiar with phrase “This is your brain on drugs”, check out the Wikipedia reference on the history of the phrase.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_is_Your_Brain_on_Drugs

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